Textile Light Science and Technology Education Foundation Held the Second Tenth Council in Beijing


Xu Yingxin, vice president of the China Textile Industry Federation, said in an interview with reporters on the 26th that with the increasing pace of opening up to the outside world, Chinese textile enterprises have accelerated the integration of the global industrial chain through new models such as sharing and collaborative manufacturing, so as to build a new advantage in international competition. In 2018, it will strengthen the docking with countries and related regions along the "Belt and Road", and promote international production capacity cooperation in the textile field, especially the construction of overseas cooperation parks.

In the past year, my country's textile industry has accelerated the formation of a new pattern of comprehensive opening up, and further expanded in terms of scope, level, structure, and layout. Through "going out", it has carried out high-quality resources, advanced research and development capabilities, technology, terminal channels and other fields in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. Investment and mergers and acquisitions have gradually formed new advantages.

Among them, more than 20 Chinese textile enterprises such as Sunshine and Wuxi Yiming have successively signed investment cooperation memorandums or formal agreements with Ethiopia. Huafu Color Spinning, Youngor and other enterprises have invested more than 2.5 million spindles in Vietnam. Many large knitted garment enterprises have basically established an order taking mode with close coordination between domestic and Southeast Asian production capacity. In France, Italy and other countries and regions, Chinese textile enterprises are also speeding up the layout of fashion industry, enhance the added value of textiles through sharing and co-creation.

Xu Yingxin said: since the establishment of the China Textile International production capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance in March this year, more and more textile enterprises have joined it to reduce production costs by "going out to sea" and jointly resist disorderly competition. we will promote the docking and cooperation of high-quality projects with international production capacity. At present, China's textile industry exports reached $300 billion.

In the next step, the textile industry will connect the global market with global resources and cultivate a number of multinational manufacturing enterprises and fashion groups. China Textile International Capacity Cooperation Enterprise Alliance will build a smooth channel between domestic preferential financial resources and overseas financing needs of enterprises to help "go out".

At the 2018 National Industry and Informatization Work Conference held here, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, stated that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will strengthen international production capacity cooperation in the manufacturing industry, especially in the fields of textiles and building materials, promote the construction of overseas cooperation parks, and properly respond to trade and investment. friction.

The Ministry of industry and information technology will timely issue guiding opinions on the linkage layout of textile industry at home and abroad, clarify specific support policies, encourage enterprises to build overseas raw material bases such as cotton and wool, and strengthen the ability of brand building and channel development in the target market.

(Source: Xinhua)