Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd. Environmental Information Disclosure



According to Article 55 of the the People's Republic of China Environmental Protection Law, key pollutant discharge units shall truthfully disclose to the public the names of their main pollutants, discharge methods, discharge concentrations and total amounts, excessive discharge, as well as the construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, Accept social supervision. The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "Measures for the Disclosure of Environmental Information of Enterprises and Institutions" (Ministry Order [2014The 31stDocument No.), requiring enterprises and institutions to disclose their environmental information in a timely and truthful manner in accordance with the principle of compulsory disclosure and voluntary.

Basic information

Unit Name

Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd

Organization Code


Production Address

Weihai High-tech Zone Shanhai Road 8No.

Legal representative (responsible person)

Zhao Xibao


Wang Fuwu

Contact Information


Main contents, products and scale of production, operation and management services

The main production of blankets, decorative blankets, annual production of 110Ten thousand.

Sewage information

Executive standards

Wastewater discharge meets the Water Pollution Discharge Standard for Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry (GB4287-2012) Table 2Medium and indirect emission requirements, rain and sewage diversion, boiler exhaust emission meet the general control area standards in Table 2 of "Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard" (DB37/2374-2018), and exhaust emission in the production process meets the requirements of "Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry Air Pollutant Emission Standard" (DB33/962-2015) and "Comprehensive Air Pollutant Emission Standard" (GB16297-1996) and unorganized emission limit values, the concentration of odor at the boundary of the water and sewage treatment station meets the requirements of Table 1 2 of the Emission Standard for Odor Pollutants (GB14554-93), the noise emission at the boundary of the plant must meet the requirements of Class 2 of the Emission Standard for Environmental Noise at the Boundary of Industrial Enterprises (GB12348-2008), and the storage of general solid waste meets the requirements of the Pollution Control Standard for the Primary Village and Disposal Site of General Industrial Solid Waste (GB18599-2001)(including the 2013 Amendment), the storage of hazardous waste meets the requirements of the Pollution Control Standards for Hazardous Waste Storage (GB18597-2001) and the 2013 revision list of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the disposal of hazardous waste is in accordance with the requirements of the Measures for the Administration of Hazardous Waste Transfer Orders (Order No. 5 of the State Environmental Protection Administration).

Emission mode

After sewage treatment, it is discharged into the Chu Village Sewage Treatment Plant, and the boiler exhaust gas passes through 30Rice exhaust pipe emissions, production of exhaust gas through 15m exhaust.

Number and distribution of discharge outlets

Sewage outlet, geographic location coordinate longitude 121°55ʹ44.76", latitude 37°25'15.60″.

Boiler discharge port Geographical coordinates Longitude 121°51ʹ45.48", latitude 37°25'24.24″,

Workshop exhaust outlet geographic coordinates longitude 121°55ʹ49.44", latitude 37°25'24.24″)

Name of main pollutants and characteristic pollutants


ammonia nitrogen

Total nitrogen



Emission standards

CODcrConcentration 200mg/LAmmonia nitrogen 20mg/LTotal nitrogen 30mg/L.

SO2Concentration 50 mg/m3

 VOCSConcentration 40 mg/m3

Emission concentration and total amount

Discharge concentration 87.3mg/LEmissions 5.832tons

Discharge concentration 4.92mg/LEmissions 0.324tons

Discharge concentration 10.3mg/LEmissions 0.752tons

Emission concentration 8.3mg/m3       Emissions 0.1tons

Discharge concentration 15mg/m3    Emissions 0.18tons

Exceeding the standard

No exceeding standard

No exceeding standard

No exceeding standard

No exceeding standard

 No exceeding standard

Total approved emissions

Approved emissionsCODcrfor 12.13tons, ammonia nitrogen 0.61Tons, total nitrogen 0.91 tons; SO2Emissions of 8.58 tons, VOCS emissions of 0.759 tons.

Construction and operation of pollution prevention facilities

2016Year 9Monthly Investment 426millionYixing Runxin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. upgraded the sewage treatment station, 2018Year 11Monthly investment of 1 million yuan to purchase online monitoring equipment of Hangzhou Ze Tian Technology Co., Ltd. to monitor COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, PH value and flow rate, and the equipment is in good condition. In June 2018, it invested 2 million yuan to replace the original biomass boiler with a gas boiler. Now the gas boiler is running normally.

Environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other administrative permits for environmental protection

2018Year 10Passed the EIA acceptance in January, Wei Huangao [2018]71No.

Emergency plan for environmental emergencies

Emergency plan for environmental emergencies has been prepared.

Other environmental information that needs to be disclosed