Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd. "Three Wastes" Efficient Management Project EIA Publicity


Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd. "three wastes" efficient management project EIA publicity, in order to accept public supervision, the basic situation of the project is as follows:

1. Project Name: "Three Wastes" Efficient Treatment Project

2. Construction unit: Weihai Wool Textile Group Co., Ltd.

Contact: Wang Fuwu Tel:13562157103Mailbox:wfwdlh@163.com

3. Construction site: No.8 Shanhai Road, Beihai Industrial Park, Chucun Town, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Weihai City, Shandong Province

4. Construction Content: This project covers an area of 7216 m2. This project includes (1) transforming coal-fired boilers into biomass boilers and then replacing them with natural gas boilers;(2) process upgrading of sewage treatment station;(3) waste gas purification treatment in printing workshop and finishing workshop. Total investment: 12.16 million yuan.

5. EIA Unit: Chongqing Fengda Environmental Impact Assessment Co., Ltd.

Contact: Sun Gong Tel:18253292755Mailbox:swt371083@163.com

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