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Illegal use of highly polluting fuel Changzhou textile enterprises fined 3 million

Illegal use of highly polluting fuel Changzhou textile enterprises fined 3 million

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Illegal use of highly polluting fuel Changzhou textile enterprises fined 3 million

  In December 29th, the Jiangsu provincial Environmental Protection Department announced second batch of 26 typical environmental offences this year. Among them, a textile enterprise in Changzhou was fined 3 million yuan for the use of highly polluting fuels within the no-combustion zone and refused to use them after the environmental protection department ordered it to correct, the fines were the highest in all the exposed cases.

  According to reports, this is the second batch of typical environmental violations announced by Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department in July this year after the first batch of 25 typical environmental violations. Twenty-six typical environmental violations were reported. The main violations were excessive discharge of waste water, excessive discharge of waste gas and abnormal operation of pollution control facilities.

  In 2017, Jiangsu took the opportunity of "263" special operations and environmental law enforcement exercises to vigorously promote the construction of mobile law enforcement system, organized and carried out industrial pollution source discharge standards, cross-checks of Taihu Lake basin, cross-checks of chemical industry, cross-checks of air pollution prevention and control in autumn and winter, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei "2+26" city inspection and heavy inspection. Environmental protection special actions to clean up small businesses. From January to November, a total of 13839 cases of environmental violations were filed in the province, up 51% year-on-year, and the amount of penalties was 886 million yuan, up 38% year-on-year. 3,362 cases of environmental violations were investigated and punished by the new environmental protection law and supporting measures, including 101 cases of daily penalties, 1,541 cases of seizure, 1083 cases of production restriction and shutdown, 303 cases of administrative detention and 334 cases of suspected pollution crimes. Together with the public security departments, 458 cases of environmental pollution crimes were investigated and 844 suspects were arrested.