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Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co.,LTD.

Strengthen the scientific, standardized and effective management of after-sales service to win the trust and favor of consumers.

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Weihai Mingqiu Group is incorporated by the parent company—Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co.,Ltd and its holding subsidiaries—Weihai Neo-Mingqiu Import and Export Co., Ltd., Weihai Mingqiu Packaging Products Co., Ltd., is one of the professional woolen throw,blankets and Raschel mink blankets and carpets manufacturers,with integrating designs, development, production and sales. We are the Director Unit of the Woolen Blanket Committee of China Wool Textile Association.Located in Beihai Industrial Zone, covers an area of 132,000 square meters including construction area of 66,000 square meters and has total assets of RMB 162 million, original value of fixed assets of RMB 131 million, net value of RMB 55 million and working capital of RMB 30 million. Now We have more than 1,050 employees including 110 professional technicians. In 2015, our company completed an annual production capacity of more than 1.5 million pieces of Raschel blankets and woven woolen blankets, and sales revenue of RMB 130 million. The economic indicators take the lead in the industry for several consecutive years.

Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co.,LTD

While expanding the market, we should stabilize the customers, perfect the after-sales service system, further improve the technical ability of the after-sales service personnel and provide high-quality after-sales service, and strengthen the scientific, standardized and effective management of after-sales service so as to win the trust and favor of consumers.

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Weihai Woollen Fabric Group Co.,LTD.

Production scale and equipment review

Currently we own two production lines, one is woven woolen blankets and fringed throw,for this we have 10 dyeing machines, 10 sets of combing and spinning machines,35sets of weaving machines, in them 26sets of jacquard machines made in Italy, also full sets of after-finishing equipments.The other line is Raschel mink, for this we own 17 sets of wide warp knitting machine imported from Japan, two international most advanced Austrian Zimmer 12-colors printing production line and one ICHINOSE printing production line ,the width for printing can come 260cm,and after-finishing equipment and is one of the domestic most advanced woolen blanket manufacturers with the largest production capacity and most complete equipment.

Now our main markets are Japan,USA,Australia,etc,esp in Japan we have obtained good reputation because of our good quality and strict quality management.


Summary of quality management

Quality is the life of the enterprise and the foundation of the product brand. In the process of implementing the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation, customer oriented, famous brand initiating enterprise, striving for first class", the quality awareness is constantly strengthened, quality standards are strictly followed, and quality management is strengthened. The company adopts the standard superior to the national standard to control the product quality, and establishes the clear quality index and the quality evaluation standard. More than 100 people are responsible for quality inspection, testing and management, which are distributed in various departments such as incoming inspection of raw materials, spinning, weaving, printing, finishing, semi-finished products and finished products. The quality engineer has a total of 12 people in the core departments of quality, technology and production, responsible for product quality control and quality improvement.

In 1997 the products were awarded the "famous brand" of Shandong Province and in 2006 were awarded the "China Top Brand". The pure woolen blankets have passed the standards of IWS and have been authorized the Wool symbol. The corporation has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001/GB/T28001,BSCI and the social authentication of Disney. 

The spirit of enterprise: condensing heart and gathering Qi, changing and innovating, keeping pace with the times and never giving up.
Corporate values: people-oriented, honest and friendly, associate with the wise, and go with the virtuous.
Enterprise vision: lifelong efforts to build a hundred years of business.
Enterprise mission: create healthy, green, comfortable, fashionable products and improve people's quality of life.


In the process of long-term sustainable development, the company will achieve new transcendence with the essence of long-term accumulated corporate culture and youthful and vigorous corporate spirit. We will actively implement the strategy of taking market orientation, technology as the guide, sales as the leading role, development as the driving force, and management as the foundation. We will adhere to the people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, and contribute more and better products.

Company the talent team construction as an important system engineering to grasp, puts forward the selecting talents, motivating talents, cultivating talents of guiding principles and implementation plan, long-term cooperation with Qingdao university, regular training of technical personnel, hired many times each year, Japan, Italy advanced technology, production management and research and development personnel to provide guidance, the company improve product design, technology content and field management. With the guidance of foreign experts and the efforts of our professional quality technicians, the company has made great achievements in technology research and development and quality control to ensure the completion of each contract with quality and quantity guaranteed.

A summary of corporate culture and personnel training